Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Earlier I told you that I was going to go to a pumpkin patch with my cousin Micah while he was visiting.

Well, instead of going to a pumpkin patch my Grandpa brought a pumpkin patch to us! He and Uncle Brian went to Home Depot on Saturday morning and bought a bunch of pumpkins, mums, pinecones, and itty bitty gourds. Then he created a cutie fall display in his backyard so we could take our pictures in privacy!

Here are some pictures from our pumpkin patch shoot.
Micah has almost perfected his Top Model pose.

And I have almost perfected my super serious face.
The best looking pumpkins in the patch!

Micah and I are the only two looking at the correct camera in this shot...

and this shot! (Micah is making mischief again.)

Pierce Pumpkins.

The best Mommy and Daddy in the world!

Chilling with Grandma and Grandpa.