Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Best

Can you guess why I was so excited today?

It's because I don't look or feel like this anymore!

Over the last few days, my body has made it abundantly clear that tree pollen is my enemy.  The evidence: red eyes, a running (sprinting, really) nose, sneeziness, and yucko cough.  Mommy and Daddy have kept me indoors this weekend, though, and it appears that I am over the worst of it.

All of the gunk being discharged from my body made it necessary for Mommy to keep me out of the nursery this morning...which you know I didn't mind one bit!  I spent the first part of the service in the sanctuary, but once the song portion was finished my toddler squirminess took over.  At that point, Mommy decided that she and I needed to chill in the "cry room" for the remainder of the service.

I did a pretty good job of entertaining myself in there while Mommy listened in on the sermon through the cry room speaker.

By the time I ate lunch and took a (super short) nap I was feeling good enough to help the rest of my family clean house for Small Group.

Mommy says sweeping is now on my list of future chores.  Hmmm, maybe I should rethink my interest in imitating all the things I see Mommy doing around the house!


Brooklynn said...

Too cute!! Monkey see, monkey do I believe is the expression! At least she is picking up productive habits :)

My child will probably immitate Dave cleaning his boat or something equally unimportant. HA!

gramma said...

Man, her allergy picture makes me want to cry! So glad she is better.
What a good helper. Love her to pieces.

Britt said...

Sorry the pollen has been bad for her. Hopefully it all gets much better soon! Hey, I messed with the settings for blogger and now I have no clue how to upload video to a post. Do you have any idea how I do this? I changed the setting back to the old version, but it took away the video.