Thursday, May 13, 2010

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Board Book Edition

In Mommy and my shared opinion, asking us to choose a favorite book is kind of like asking a mother to choose her favorite child. Impossible.

But, since this week's Show Us Your Life topic on Kelly's Korner is "Favorite Books", we thought we'd give it a try.

Mommy and I are big fans of classic childrens' books, such as "Goodnight Moon" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".  But since you probably already know about those books, we thought we'd show off some of our not-so-classic favorites here.

Mommy and I read "Baby Giggles" on a daily basis for most of my first year. Neither of us tired of it, though, because the photographs and text are super fun.

Mommy was given these two books at one of her baby showers. Her first impression of them was that they were cheesy and cheap...boy was she wrong! These books are very enjoyable to read, and the pictures have lots of familiar objects for me to point at.

Four few years ago at a baby book shower, a city librarian introduced Mommy to the work of childrens' book author Leslie Patricelli. Mommy was instantly attracted to her cutie illustrations and juxtaposed text of opposite concepts.  "BIG Little" was actually the first book Mommy ever read to me, but I didn't really start to enjoy these books until the last few months.

"Tiny Bear's Bible" is the best Bible Mommy and I have seen for babies and young toddlers.  It has short, rhythmic accounts of several Old and New Testament narratives, the Lord's Prayer, and Jesus' declaration to never leave or forsake us.  It holds my attention better than any other toddler Bible we've read.  In fact, I ask to read my "Biba" several times each day.

I first read "Little One, God Loves You" in our church nursery.  Mommy and I were excited to see it at our local library this week, so we checked it out and brought it home.  It's a really short book, so it does a good job of holding my attention.  Since this book is inspired by Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life concept, it has a page on worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and mission (baby style, of course).

I hope you can find a book or two to curl up with in the above list! 

Do you know a board book that should be one of my favorite things?


Randi House said...

I love the Baby Bear's Bible too!

Kelly Chambers said...

Oh, I can't wait to look for some of your suggestions! Thanks!

Amber Dawn said...

Ooh I'm going to have check out the Quiet Loud Big Little. Those look so cute!!

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