Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The FroYo Rundown

While I can't speak for the rest of the nation, I can tell you that frozen yogurt shops are all the rage in our North Texas neck of the woods.  Auntie's friend, Darrah, first introduced our family to the delights of FroYo...and we are so glad that she did!

Here is Mommy's quick review of the four Metroplex FroYo shops she has visited so far.

Grade: A+
Yogurt Land was the first frozen yogurt shop Mommy  ever stepped foot in...and she loves it!  The atmosphere is modernish, yet colorful.  Their frozen yogurt selection is the most extensive of any of the FroYo shops on this list, and they are consistently rated among the best FroYo shops in the Dallas area. 

Yogurt Walki
Grade: B-
When Mommy and Daddy first checked out Yogurt Walki, it was housed in a shopping strip in Arlington.  It has since moved to the Parks Mall, which is part of the reason Mommy graded it down.  The small yogurt selection, coupled with the over indulgent mall atmosphere, make Yogurt Walki Mommy's last choice for a FroYo fix.

Grade: B
While this shop is admittedly the "coolest" of all the FroYo shops we've hit up it is in no way the "funnest".  Mommy is pretty sure that is because you don't get to create your own concoction here.  The yogurt is tasty, but she thinks the experience is really lacking.  The decor was also a little too sterile for Mommy's liking.

Peach Berry
Grade: A
Peach Berry is a super yum shop and it's super close to our house.  The yogurt selection is a bit smaller than what you'll find at Yogurt Land, but the topping selection is just as extensive...and it is certainly no less yummy!  Peach Berry also has the most friendly staff of all the FroYo shops we've tried out.

Mommy has not had the privelege of hitting up Cassie's Frozen Yogurt yet, but she thought she should mention it since it's Darrah's favorite.  The selection of yogurt and weekly themed decor make Cassie's a great FroYo choice.

That's Mommy's two cents. 
What about you?  Are you a FroYoer?  Any Dallasites out there have other shops to recommend?  Mommy promises to be diligent and give them a try.


robineilene said...

I love pure bliss off of Cooper behind chilis! I think peachberry is still my favorite though because my favorite nail salon owner owns it also! (Customer loyalty!) ;)

You should try pure bliss though, it's good!

Mimi said...

I love having the one close to us...the only problem is I have to exert some discipline in this area or I could be there everyday!! :)

The Messy Mom said...

I have become obsessed with Pink Berry believe it or not. Isn't it funny how stuff catches and spreads so quickly. First slab ice cream like marble slab and cold stone. Then it was gelato, and now it's gourmet frozen yogurt. I will have to give froyo a try.

Michele Cannon said...

I've been to 4 places - the first was a Pure Bliss in Cedar Hill a couple years ago when I was working for Debbie. I loved that place, but found out it's gone now. There's the place we ended up at for Alyssa's birthday that year. There's a Yogurtland out here in Carrolton that we found during a pregnancy craving for Pure Bliss, and they just moved a Yogurt Zone into Las Colinas last November. Pure Bliss and Yogurtland are by far my favorites, but I remember Alyssa's bday place being good, too. Yogurt Zone is the closest to me and also my least fav. Their selection is good, but their fresh fruits aren't so fresh - like strawberries in syrup, for instance. :(