Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cutie Caleb

I was finally able to meet my second cousin, Caleb, while my family and I were in Illinois. 

Doesn't he have the best cheeks?  If you were to only see his face, you might think he is a little chunk...but he's not a chunk at all!

Caleb and his mommy, Rebekah, were extra sweet to me on this trip.  They sent over Caleb's pack and play, along with some toys and books, to Nana and Papa's house for me to use each day. And they brought a little table for Caleb and me to sit at during our family reunion.

And they invited me over to their house for a playdate. 

Rebekah even went out of her way to get me to smile when I was less than photogenic at our professional photo shoot.

Talk about thoughtful!

Some of you may remember Caleb from November's post requesting prayer for him. Caleb was born with a handful of internal abnormalities, but as he grows (and undergoes procedure after procedure), his body is slowly beginning to operate more normally. My family is praying that Caleb's body will be completely healed one day!


Zion said...

Complete healing, Amen! He is adorable. The photo with the two of them at the table is SO CUTE and the dress looks great by the way ;)