Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Best

Happy Day-Before-Labor-Day Sunday!

This morning at church, Mommy's friend Mary (who often serves in our children's church service) commented that she has noticed a decline in the number of parents who send their children to church with money to give in the offering.  Mommy said that she'd noticed the same thing when she works in the preschool children's church...then it dawned on her that she is one of those parents sending her child to church offeringless.

I may be just at tot, but Mommy and Daddy believe that I am old enough to begin learning that bringing a financial offering to God is part of worship.  So when I enter the nursery next Sunday it will be with a quarter in my hand.  Don't worry, though, that quarter won't be entrusted to my care until my parents are sure it will be passed immediately on to a nursery worker.  There will be no offering-related trips to the ER for us!

After worship this morning, my family went to lunch with Mommy and Daddy's young adult group (in case you're wondering, this is a monthly occurance).  We ate at Ton's Mongolian Grill. It's is a favorite of many locals...but not this local.  Ton's requires a lot of waiting.  And waiting.  By the time Mommy had chosen her food, waited in line to have it cooked on the big grillish thingy, and made it back to the table to eat I was d-o-n-e with that place! 

Thankfully, Auntie was already finished with her meal. She graciously volunteered to take me home for my nap while Mommy and Daddy ate in peace.  Just before Auntie and I walked out the door, though, I heard Mommy promise not to make me go back to Ton's until I'm at least 4 years old. 

Thanks, Mommy!