Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teacher PSA

Attention all teachers:

Mommy would like you to know that dry erase markers are not easily wiped off of floor tiles.

Even if you, the teacher, try it out yourself with no problems before letting students have a go.

Please save yourself an embarassing call to the school secretary by keeping dry erase markers on the dry erase boards.


Bradshaw's Buzz said...

oh no! Wonder why they worked for you but not the students? Maybe they pressed down harder? Either way. . . uh oh!

Kelly Chambers said...

Haha! Sounds like something I would do! Just shows you are a fun and creative teacher even if it didn't work as planned!

Anonymous said...

They do wipe off the desks easily. We used them daily on our desks. We also had a folder that had some sheet protectors in it that we called our Tool Kit. Some of them had papers we used often that they did not turn in. So they wrote on the sheet protector and wiped it off after we checked it. There was one protector that had a blank piece in it. That sheet we used as a mini marker board. They also kept their foldables in a plastic bag in this folder. I cut off the end parallel to the zipper of the plastic bag so that it would fit into the folder and then taped it closed with packing tape. Then it was reinforced enough to hole punch.


Rachel Moss said...

Tanya- I think it worked for me because I wiped my writing off right away. The students writing sat for a little bit before it was wiped.
Danielle- I wish the whiteboard markers worked on our tables! They are textured, so the marker sticks in the little holes. Why textured tables were chosen for an elementary classroom I will never know! Can you imagine how loud it is in there when they are coloring?

Bri {collected} said...

Hahaha oh no! Totally something that would happen to me!