Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Road Trip

We took our very first family of 4 road trip last weekend.  Daddy took an extra day off work aaaand took Sunday off (gasp!), so we were able to get away for a few days to see our Hill Country family.
And we had a great time!
Elliot and I played and played and played and played with our cousins, McB and SLiM.
McB and I enjoyed kayaking with our daddies.
We visited SeaWorld...
 where Mommy was thrilled to discover nursing stations! She'll take nursing in a quiet, air conditioned, private room over a noisy, stiffling, crowded seating area any day.
And we ate lots of good food. (Thanks, Aunt Becky!)
Mommy and Daddy spent a good deal of the trip juxtaposing this experience with the Hill Country visit we made when I was about Elliot's age.  We are all happy to tell you that 7 week old Elliot was a much better road tripper than 10 week old Katelyn!  Just look at how chillaxed the little guy was at SeaWorld.


BBMoss said...

McB has asked if KK could come back "real soon". Monkey came in the mail yesterday, thanks for sending him home safe. Miss yall!

Messy Mom said...

Looks like fun. What a cute bunch of kiddos!