Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yes, We Did Celebrate Easter

I know some of you were beginning to wonder...but our family did celebrate Easter this year.

In fact, this is the tail end of me shouting "Jesus is alive!"

We started our Easter out with a celebration service at church.  According to Mommy, it was one of those services where you could feel the joy, excitement, expectation, and gratitude in the air!

Mommy had hoped to get a few pictures of me and my friends while we were at church, but she was called upon to help out in our busting-at-the-seams nursery...so a lonely, front yard, post-service shoot had to suffice.

After a little wardrobe change, we headed over to Mimi and Poppy's for some family/friend fun.

Isn't this shot of Karsyn and myself so cute? 

  Apparently, at last year's egg hunts I sidestepped all of the eggs in favor of rocks. There was none of that rock picking this year, though!

Check out this camping chair that Mimi and Poppy bought for me to use at their house.  This thing is cooomfy, I tell ya!

Here's a shot of our (almost) whole Easter crowd.  It's missing Karsyn, Bobby (Karsyn's grandpa), and Pastor Poppy...but we managed to get the rest of the crew in!

Even though this post is a bit tardy, it's always the right time to say,

"He is Risen, Indeed!"