Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Road Trip

We took our very first family of 4 road trip last weekend.  Daddy took an extra day off work aaaand took Sunday off (gasp!), so we were able to get away for a few days to see our Hill Country family.
And we had a great time!
Elliot and I played and played and played and played with our cousins, McB and SLiM.
McB and I enjoyed kayaking with our daddies.
We visited SeaWorld...
 where Mommy was thrilled to discover nursing stations! She'll take nursing in a quiet, air conditioned, private room over a noisy, stiffling, crowded seating area any day.
And we ate lots of good food. (Thanks, Aunt Becky!)
Mommy and Daddy spent a good deal of the trip juxtaposing this experience with the Hill Country visit we made when I was about Elliot's age.  We are all happy to tell you that 7 week old Elliot was a much better road tripper than 10 week old Katelyn!  Just look at how chillaxed the little guy was at SeaWorld.