Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

For all 3 of you who still check this blog from time to time, here is a recap of what went down in the Moss home over the past 12 months:

Elliot started eating solid food.  It was love at first bite.

I continued to craft my dramatic skills.  This is my best lion impression.

Elliot had a surgical procedure done, then came down with flu, his first ear infection, croup, and conjunctivitis about a week later.  It was not a good month for him!  
Oh yeah, and I ended the month with strep throat.  The medical establishment loved our family in January!

I turned 4, then shortly after danced the night away with Mommy and Daddy at Mommy's school Valentine dance.

Elliot and I had our pictures taken by a super talented teacher at our daycare.

Spring Break was another rough time in our house for sickness.  Mommy had the flu, a sinus infection (that she says was almost as painful as unmedicated childbirth), and bronchitis.  I had a few days of some yucky virus that was being passed around our school.

We did get to enjoy a beautiful day outside with Dan and Auntie before my sickness set in.  You can also see my banged haircut here.  I told Mommy I wanted bangs like Feist.  Didn't quite pan out.

We ended the month celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  We enjoyed a gorgeous day outside at Dan and Auntie's first place of residence.  You can see Auntie's growing baby bump in this shoot, too!

Our entire family participated in our first (and thus far, only) 5K.  We came in pretty close to last, but really enjoyed ourselves.

Elliot started sucking his thumb.  Little stinker waited until he was 9 months old to pick that habit up.

And I continued to continue crafting my drama mama abilities.  

Elliot began to show his daredevil side by climbing just about everything in the house.

Mommy, Elliot, and I survived our first Spring storm (translation: tornadoes all around) sans Daddy.  He was at church, as the weather came through on a Wednesday night.  Mommy realized just how much she relies on Daddy to be the strong one during these types of emergencies.  She really missed his presence!  
She was thankful, though, that these flashlights provided both Elliot and I with a necessary distraction while tornado sirens blared.

We celebrated the best daddy around during Father's Day.

 And Elliot was finally dedicated at church!

Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 10th anniversary.

And this little guy turned 1 the very next day!

We also took a road trip to visit family in Illinois and Canada.

Madeline Michelle was born to Auntie and Dan!

I started full day PreK, and Mommy started teaching at the school Elliot and I attend!

 Elliot also had tubes put in his ears, which ended his inner ear's reign of terror!

Apparently, we did absolutely nothing worth taking pictures of this month.
Or Mommy was so busy juggling the beginning of a school year, learning a new grade level's curriculum (she's teaching 2nd this year), and adjusting to a new school that she barely had time to breathe, let alone pick up a camera.

I dressed as Pippi Longstocking for our church's Trunk or Treat.

And Elliot was a cute little Hobbit.

Elliot learned that spaghetti is awesome and, consequently, experienced his first shower.

We celebrated Thanksgiving at Auntie and Dan's new house with all kinds of family, both biological and hand-picked.

And Mommy got a kick out of the picture I chose to draw at school to show what I was most thankful for.

The month started with an iceapocolypse in the North Texas area.  We were pretty much shut down for 4 days.  Our electricity was out on the first icy day, so we cautiously drove a few miles to the warmth of Auntie and Dan's house.

Mommy also lost her wedding ring on the third or fourth day of Icemageddon.  Over the next week, she and Daddy turned the house upside down looking for it.  We're talking emptied the vaccum, searched through the trash, checked the ring traps in all of the plumbing, and took a flashlight to just about every nook and cranny they could find!  Still no ring.

Even without the wedding ring, though, we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season!  Celebrating the birth of the Savior is always such a beautiful time.

Mommy and Daddy also started taking classes this month for our family to provide short term care for children in the foster care system.  They are really excited to see where God takes our family on this journey!

The Sunday before Christmas I came down with the flu.  We were really bummed that I would have to miss out on some of the family festivities.  When Mommy was getting a pallet ready for me so I could sleep on the floor in her and Daddy's room, though, something heavy and shiny fell out of my sleeping bag.  It was her wedding ring!  She's pretty sure she heard heavenly choirs singing right at that moment!

And, more good news: my fever broke just in time for me to join the family at our Christmas Eve service!
We got a Christmas Miracle two-fer!