Sunday, August 14, 2011

Katelyn, Version 2.5

I hit the big 2.5 at the beginning of this month!  (That's 2 and 6 months, in case you were wondering)

Here are some things you should know about me at 2.5:

I wear mostly 2T clothes, but can still fit into a few of my 18 month dresses and tops.  I even wear one or two pairs of 12 month shorts (that's what happens when you have no booty).

I'm just getting into a size 7 shoe.

I am a big fan of nursery rhymes.  That's not really anything new, but I have fairly recently started acting them out in real life.  I'll stick my thumb inside a PB&J, pull out a "plum", and declare what a good girl I am...or I'll put on my purple bonnet and walk around the house looking for my sheep...or I'll sit on a countertop and call myself Humpty Dumpty.  While I was in Canada, I got to visit a little nursery rhyme filled park called Storybook Gardens.  I thought I was in heeeeaven!

I spend a lot of time singing, and even make up my own songs from time to time.

I love to dance!  Mommy and Daddy have been thinking about enrolling me in dance classes soon.

Before I take a nap or go to bed at night, I like to make sure everything is picked up off the floor in my room. (And Mommy said, "Amen!".) 

I am very into clocks.  Digital, analog, and (especially) cuckoo versions are all just fine by me!  This is a picture of me trying to show my "Animal Baby" magazines to the cuckoo bird inside my great uncle's cuckoo clock. 

I will eat just about anything (at least once, anyway), but my very favorite foods are macaroni & cheese, chickpeas, mango, plain M&Ms, black beans, and scrambled eggs.  I am not such a fan of olives, hard boiled eggs, mushrooms, or soy milk.

I really want a baby brother and a baby sister.  I tell my mommy that at least a few times a week, hoping that she'll eventually get the hint.  So far, though, I don't think it's working.