Sunday, July 31, 2011

My New House

Last weekend, Gramma and Grampa decided that I needed a new house.  That's very own new play house!

Daddy and Grampa have been slowly putting it together (way too hot to tackle this thing in one fell swoop!), and I've been enjoying every bit of the process.

I even invited a few family members into the partially finished house for a little dance party.

I kind of doubt Grampa and Daddy will be playing in here too much once the roof is put on!

Here's what the finished product should look like.  I can't wait!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


This summer I have become a master at the art of questioning.  I ask questions all day long.  Although I love to hear the answers, I often keep asking follow up questions until I finally arrive at the answer I'm most interested in: "I don't know."

Isn't it just so much fun to stump people older than you?!

In case you're wondering, here are a few inquisitive statements that have caused delight, agitation, confusion, and/or uproarious laughter in my home:

"Should we cuddle?  Should we snuggle?"
Mommy and Daddy just love to hear me ask this one.  I utter these words just about every time I wake up from a nap...even though I know the answer will always be "Yes!"

"What is that smell about?"
My olfactory senses have become much quite keen over the past few months.  In fact, I probably ask this question at least 5 times a day.  Body odors, certain foods, animals, and unsanitary conditions all drive me crazy.  Earlier this week, I had a mini gag fest over my own gass passing!

"What is heaven?"
This question seemed to stump Mommy the most!  I'm pretty sure she thought she had another year or so to prepare for this one.  For all of the heaven-related thinking, singing, and learning Mommy has done in her lifetime, she was really suprised at how difficult it was for her to explain heaven to me.

"Mommy, when you were in high school, did you poop?"
By far, this is the question that has elicited the most laughs.  I can't even tell you how many times I've heard Mommy repeat this question to other people...which, of course, has only ensured that I will keep asking it.  At least it's one Mommy always knows how to answer!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Exciting News

Mommy opened up an email on Sunday afternoon that got her super excited.  It was from the mother of a girl who was in Mommy's first grade class last year.  In the email, the mother explained that she...well, why don't you just take a look:

Wanted to let you know that over the last few months I have been working really hard on a new project, a Magazine for little girls ages 6-11- "SPRINKLES for girls like you!!"

After being challenged with what was next (entertainment wise) for [my daughter], God laid it on my heart to do something about it and I did! The first issue is complete and has been little girl tested and mommy approved, lol.

I am pretty amazed with how God has put it all together and is continuing to bless! I would love for you to visit my website You will see previews of what's inside the first issue, as well as information on how you can subscribe or show your support. Also PLEASE feel free to SHARE it with anyone you know who may be interested!

There are two main reasons this email was so exciting to Mommy.  The first reason being that she completely agrees with the writer of the email- it is difficult to find entertainment that is appropriate for girls in the middle & upper elementary years.  They're too old for Dora, yet too young for Beiber Fever (even though they don't think so).

The second (and main) reason this email excited Mommy was the fact that she was inspired by another mother who saw a problem and created a solution.  Mommy sure is good at finding problems around her...but she's not nearly so good at the solution side of the things.  This email reminded her that she shouldn't be resigned to a victim mentality when facing problematic social issues.

Oh yeah, there's also the excitement of the magazine in and of itself.  Knowing the creator of the magazine (as well as its inspirer), it's bound to be good!

Please check out for more information!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Sneaky Poppy

While Mommy and Daddy went on a little movie date tonight (Captain America, if you're wondering), I was busy playing with Mimi, Poppy, and Auntie. 

I've known Poppy for 2.5 years now, and there's one thing I figured out about this guy early on: Poppy doesn't say "no" unless it's dangerous.  Which is why the following actions and conversation were able to happen tonight.

Me: Poppy, I want a banana.

Poppy: KK, I don't think there are any more bananas.

Me: No! I want my own banana.

Poppy: Look right here in the fruit basket.  There aren't any bananas left.

Me: Let me get up there and see.

Poppy picks me up and sets me on the counter.

Me (looking in fruit basket): There aren't any more bananas.  Let me stay up here, though.

Poppy (of course) lets me stay up on the counter.  I open some cupboards, check out the drawers, and eventually become attracted to Mommy's countertop canisters.

Me: Open those up, Poppy.

Poppy (of course) opens up each canister, one at a time.

Me (upon Poppy opening the canister with sugar): What is that?

Poppy: What do you think it is?

Me: I don't know.

Poppy: Lick your finger and stick it in there, then taste it.

Me (after licking my finger and sticking it in): It's sugar!

Poppy: Yeah!  Do you want to do it again?

Me: Uh huh!

Poppy (of course) lets me stick my finger in two or three more times.

Poppy: Shh, don't tell Mommy that I let you do that.

Me: Shh! Okay.

Poppy opens up the flour canister.

Me: What is it?

Poppy: Lick your finger again and taste it.

I lick my finger and taste it, then make a yucky face.

Poppy: What does it taste like?

Me: Paper!

That Poppy sure is a fun guy!  He even agreed (of course) to wear my Bo Peep hat while we played in a homemade tent.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Flying With a Toddler

Our trip to D.C. earlier this month included 3 separate airplane rides.  If you know Mommy, you know that 3 tries at something is enough to make her think she's a semi-expert in that area.

So, since Mommy is now a semi-expert at flying with a toddler, here's what she thinks you should know:

1.  Take your carseat.
Nearly all carseats on the market are approved by the FAA for flight (there's a little sticker on the side with this info). Not only are we tots more secure in our carseats than in the airplane belts, but most of us will also feel more comfortable in our regular rides. I just don't see a nap (like the one pictured above) happening without the help of my big 'ol carseat.

2. Don't do it alone!
Mommy realizes that sometimes this one really isn't an option...but she sure did appreciate having some extra hands on this trip. Flight #3 was especially nice. By that time around our little band of travelers figured out that our best boarding bet was for Poppy and Mimi to get on the plane first. They set up the carseat and got the baggage placed in overhead compartments while Mommy and I made one last (full sized) potty run. By the time we boarded, all I had to do was hop into my carseat.  Which brings me to Mommy's next tip...

3. Don't even think about answering that early boarding call!
Take advantage of every minute you have to burn off your tot's energy.  Mommy made sure I was moving and grooving while we waited to board our planes.  She (and the rest of my family) took me to the bathroom, let me run through uncrowded areas of our terminal, found stairs for me to walk up and down, and walked with me into lots of little shops. 
Lots of airports even have these nifty little play areas.  Mommy was more worried about mid-flight meltdowns than germs, so she was more than happy to let me play here!

4. Wrap up a few suprises.
Mommy wrapped some special snacks and a few small toys for me to open while we were on the plane. These were super fun for me to open and kept things interesting the few times I got bored. Mommy and Mimi also both packed some new books for me to read.

5.  Hand over the gum!
Up until these plane rides, Mommy had been a real stick-in-the-mud when it came to me and gum.  No matter how much I asked, she just wouldn't let me give that stuff a try.  Once our plane started descending (and I nearly started screaming), though, she quickly changed her tune.  That little stick of chewy goodness sure did bring a nice measure of peace to the remainder of our plane ride!

6.  If your tot gets carsick, fly prepared for the worst!
Apparently, carsick tots are often airsick tots. On our first flight, Mommy let me ride sans-Sea Bands...and my body chose landing time to let her know that was not a good idea. Thankfully, she did have my ever present towel ready in the outside pocket of her carry-on. That thing was thrown over me just in time. We really didn't even need it, though, because Mommy also decided to try out the little throw-up bags the airline provides. 99.99% of my sickness went right into that little bag.
After that little near-fiasco, Mommy made me wear my Sea Bands for the rest of our air time. Between the Bands and the diversion that gum chewing provided, I managed to make it through the rest of that time throw-up free!

Now that I've shared Mommy's flying tips with you, I'm sure that she would love to hear what helps keep your flying experiences sane.  What would you add to her list?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wanna See Something Beautiful?

How about the most beautiful bride least in Mommy's memory. 

Doesn't Jasmine look fabulous?

She even looks gorgeous when she's making fun of bridal gown advertisements.

(Those first two pictures are from Jasmine & Lamar's wedding photographer, Georgetown Pics Photography.)

Not only was Jasmine beautiful, it was also evident that she was full of joy and excitement on her big day!

She even took me for a little spin on the dance floor.   

Which I loved so much that I decided to find my own dance partners when Jasmine had to move on.

Here's a pic of the bride and groom with some high school friends.

Mommy was really excited to see Ugochi and Marcus (on the far left and far right) at the wedding.  She loved catching up with them and probably could have spent all night chatting it up (big suprise, right?).

This wedding clearly made an impression on me.  As soon as Mommy wrapped me up in my hotel bath towel the night after the wedding, I declared that it was "my wedding dress".

I put up a big fuss about that train, too!  Mommy is hoping I'm not a Bridezilla in the know, like 25 years in the making.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

One Little Monkey

5 Little Monkey's Jumping on the Bed is one of my all time favorite rhymes. 
So you can imagine how excited I was last night when I found out that Mommy will allow a little bed jumping when we're staying in a hotel...on the first floor...after 12+ hours of being strapped in a carseat.

Thankfully, there was no head-bumping or doctor-calling involved.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Food, Here We Come!

24 hours from now, Mommy and I will be on our way to visit my Great Nana and Papa in Illinois.  While there, we plan to make a stop at this place.
 Oh, Dairy Barn I have missed you!

After a few days' stay in IL, we'll be moving northward to visit our Canadian family.  Anytime we go to CA, our first stop after crossing the border always involves a little

and some

from Tim Horton's. 
Oh Timmy' Mommy has missed you.
I was only 6 months old the last time we were in Canada, so this will be my first experience with Tim Horton's!

And, just for reference, here's what I looked like the last time I was in Illinois. 

And the last time I was in Canada.

I hope my family recognizes me!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little bit of D.C.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I took a little trip to Washington, D.C.!  One of Mommy's good friends, Jasmine, got married in Baltimore on the Auntie, Mimi, Poppy, Mommy, and I all hopped on a jet plane to witness the nuptials and take in a bit of our nation's capital.

Mommy didn't take her camera on this trip (gasp!) because she knew Poppy would take more than enough pics to share.  She hasn't snatched the pics from Poppy yet, though, so I thought I'd share these iPhone/Windows Mobile shots until she can get it together.

Here's our beautiful Capitol building.  Pictures really can't do this guy justice.

And here I am entertaining (or perhaps being entertained by) Poppy while we wait in line for our tour of the Capitol.

All ready for Jasmine and Lamar's wedding!

Checking out the merch at an America! store in Union Station.

The base and portion of the midsection of the Washington monument.  That's Mommy and me strolling beneath its massiveness.

Sweating it out at the awe inspiring Lincoln memorial.

And taking a break from the heat with a little story time at Barnes & Noble.

Aaand completely conked out at dinner a few hours later.

Notice those sunglasses?  I put them on myself, thank you!