Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Good Food, Here We Come!

24 hours from now, Mommy and I will be on our way to visit my Great Nana and Papa in Illinois.  While there, we plan to make a stop at this place.
 Oh, Dairy Barn I have missed you!

After a few days' stay in IL, we'll be moving northward to visit our Canadian family.  Anytime we go to CA, our first stop after crossing the border always involves a little

and some

from Tim Horton's. 
Oh Timmy' Mommy has missed you.
I was only 6 months old the last time we were in Canada, so this will be my first experience with Tim Horton's!

And, just for reference, here's what I looked like the last time I was in Illinois. 

And the last time I was in Canada.

I hope my family recognizes me!


Michele Cannon said...

Oh my word, she looks so little in both pictures! They change so quickly!