Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A little bit of D.C.

Over the 4th of July weekend, I took a little trip to Washington, D.C.!  One of Mommy's good friends, Jasmine, got married in Baltimore on the 1st...so Auntie, Mimi, Poppy, Mommy, and I all hopped on a jet plane to witness the nuptials and take in a bit of our nation's capital.

Mommy didn't take her camera on this trip (gasp!) because she knew Poppy would take more than enough pics to share.  She hasn't snatched the pics from Poppy yet, though, so I thought I'd share these iPhone/Windows Mobile shots until she can get it together.

Here's our beautiful Capitol building.  Pictures really can't do this guy justice.

And here I am entertaining (or perhaps being entertained by) Poppy while we wait in line for our tour of the Capitol.

All ready for Jasmine and Lamar's wedding!

Checking out the merch at an America! store in Union Station.

The base and portion of the midsection of the Washington monument.  That's Mommy and me strolling beneath its massiveness.

Sweating it out at the awe inspiring Lincoln memorial.

And taking a break from the heat with a little story time at Barnes & Noble.

Aaand completely conked out at dinner a few hours later.

Notice those sunglasses?  I put them on myself, thank you!