Monday, July 18, 2011

Wanna See Something Beautiful?

How about the most beautiful bride least in Mommy's memory. 

Doesn't Jasmine look fabulous?

She even looks gorgeous when she's making fun of bridal gown advertisements.

(Those first two pictures are from Jasmine & Lamar's wedding photographer, Georgetown Pics Photography.)

Not only was Jasmine beautiful, it was also evident that she was full of joy and excitement on her big day!

She even took me for a little spin on the dance floor.   

Which I loved so much that I decided to find my own dance partners when Jasmine had to move on.

Here's a pic of the bride and groom with some high school friends.

Mommy was really excited to see Ugochi and Marcus (on the far left and far right) at the wedding.  She loved catching up with them and probably could have spent all night chatting it up (big suprise, right?).

This wedding clearly made an impression on me.  As soon as Mommy wrapped me up in my hotel bath towel the night after the wedding, I declared that it was "my wedding dress".

I put up a big fuss about that train, too!  Mommy is hoping I'm not a Bridezilla in the know, like 25 years in the making.


Kelly Chambers said...

From the looks of her in that precious little black and white dress, she is sure to be a beautiful bride!

Michele Cannon said...

Jasmines' pictures are gorgeous! And Katelyn is too creative!