Monday, July 25, 2011

Exciting News

Mommy opened up an email on Sunday afternoon that got her super excited.  It was from the mother of a girl who was in Mommy's first grade class last year.  In the email, the mother explained that she...well, why don't you just take a look:

Wanted to let you know that over the last few months I have been working really hard on a new project, a Magazine for little girls ages 6-11- "SPRINKLES for girls like you!!"

After being challenged with what was next (entertainment wise) for [my daughter], God laid it on my heart to do something about it and I did! The first issue is complete and has been little girl tested and mommy approved, lol.

I am pretty amazed with how God has put it all together and is continuing to bless! I would love for you to visit my website You will see previews of what's inside the first issue, as well as information on how you can subscribe or show your support. Also PLEASE feel free to SHARE it with anyone you know who may be interested!

There are two main reasons this email was so exciting to Mommy.  The first reason being that she completely agrees with the writer of the email- it is difficult to find entertainment that is appropriate for girls in the middle & upper elementary years.  They're too old for Dora, yet too young for Beiber Fever (even though they don't think so).

The second (and main) reason this email excited Mommy was the fact that she was inspired by another mother who saw a problem and created a solution.  Mommy sure is good at finding problems around her...but she's not nearly so good at the solution side of the things.  This email reminded her that she shouldn't be resigned to a victim mentality when facing problematic social issues.

Oh yeah, there's also the excitement of the magazine in and of itself.  Knowing the creator of the magazine (as well as its inspirer), it's bound to be good!

Please check out for more information!


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Who is the mom? I looked on the website... it's cool!