Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dancing the Night Away

Friday night, my family was thrilled to be guests at the wedding of our friends, Tammy and Ali.

"Aunt" Michele did a fabulous job on their cake (no suprise there).  Her cakes are always just as delicious as they are beautiful, but Mommy thought this one was especially yummy.

Being that the wedding didn't begin until 7:30, by the time the reception partying got started I was already a bit of a crank-a-saurus.  That means the whole family picture that Mimi envisioned taking place was not eeeeven gonna happen.  We did, however, manage to walk away from the evening with this great picture of Mommy, Mimi, and Auntie.

And this is where I spent the vast majority of the evening!
My routine went like this:
Dance, Dance, Dance
Eat Dinner
Dance, Dance, Dance
Eat Cake
Throw a Fit
Forced to leave the dance floor to head home

The wedding was an hour away from our house, so by the time I got to bed it was around 10:30.  Even though I really did have the time of my life at the reception, I sure did make Mommy and Daddy pay for my late night the next day!