Thursday, December 22, 2011

Yay for Christmas!

Hey, ya'll!  Mommy's got two whole weeks off of work, so she's letting me get in a teeny bit of blogging time.

Right now, the most exciting thing happening in my life is Christmas!  I love the songs of the season, the beautiful decorations, the yummy goodies that keep magically appearing at our house, and (of course) the presents.

  Speaking of presents, I did get to exchange them this week with my good buddies Ian and Preston.  I gave them the game "Don't Break the Ice".  The three of us took turns playing (well, Preston was really the only one who truly played the game) it for a while, until I decided that the mallet make a much better wand.  Mommy knew the game had made a huge impression on me when she overheard me tell someone later in the day that I gave the boys a game called "Put the Gorilla in the Snow". 

A few weekends ago, my family got into the Christmas spirit by helping stuff 350 stocking for kids in our church's neighborhood.  We filled the stockings with yummy candy and fun toys (Mommy even spotted a tiny Guy Smiley doll in the mix).  I sure did have a good time filling those stockings, even though I seriously slowed down the assembly line!