Friday, April 6, 2012

3 Year Checkup and Mommy's Belly

A few weeks ago Mommy took a day off work and we headed to my 3 year Well Child appointment with our favorite pediatrician.  Mommy was a tad bit nervous going into the appointment because it was my first WC visit (ever) that Daddy wasn't able to attend.  He usually keeps me distracted while Mommy fires off a lengthy list of questions, so she was a little unsure about how I would do without his presence.  Thankfully, I've matured a bit since my last there was really nothing for Mommy to worry about.

Here are some things that helped this appointment go off without a hitch:
It was the first time I didn't have a mini meltdown when it was time to get on the scale.
It was also the first time I got to wear a little dressing gown...and I loved that thing!
The horzontal, full length mirror right behind the little checkup bed.  I love that thing, too.
There were no shots!  Dr. Hull did warn us to get ready for next year's checkup, though.

Here are my stats:
29.6 pounds (25% percentile)
38.5 inches (75% percentile)

And here's a little picture of Mommy's belly, in case you are interested.


Messy Mom said...

Well, you look great and so tiny! I can't believe you even mentioned gaining "too much".

The Ziebarth Family said...

We got to Hull too! :) She rocks!