Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

He is risen, indeed!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Auntie is Getting Married!

Yup, it's true!  And we are sooo excited!!

Sometime in early September, Auntie (finally) started dating my "Uncle" Dan.  Mommy and Daddy had been suggesting him as a "prospect" (that's what Auntie and her best friends call someone who has even the remote possibility of becoming your spouse) for the past few years, but every time they mentioned him Auntie would come up with some reason as to why that wouldn't work.

They knew her mind and heart were changing, though, when they brought his name up again in August.  Instead of the usual excuses, she replied with a sassy, "Well, he hasn't asked me out yet, has he?!"

By early January, Auntie knew that Dan was the man she wanted to marry.

And this morning he proposed!

I've called Dan my "Uncle" ever since I was born (with the exception of those first few months they were dating...Mommy thought that may put a little pressure on him), and I am so glad that he will be my real Uncle very soon!

Here's a picture that shows how Dan used the walls in his house to propose.  He had printed out words that he feels describe Auntie, Scripture that he prays over her, and a few quotes about love.

Friday, April 6, 2012

3 Year Checkup and Mommy's Belly

A few weeks ago Mommy took a day off work and we headed to my 3 year Well Child appointment with our favorite pediatrician.  Mommy was a tad bit nervous going into the appointment because it was my first WC visit (ever) that Daddy wasn't able to attend.  He usually keeps me distracted while Mommy fires off a lengthy list of questions, so she was a little unsure about how I would do without his presence.  Thankfully, I've matured a bit since my last there was really nothing for Mommy to worry about.

Here are some things that helped this appointment go off without a hitch:
It was the first time I didn't have a mini meltdown when it was time to get on the scale.
It was also the first time I got to wear a little dressing gown...and I loved that thing!
The horzontal, full length mirror right behind the little checkup bed.  I love that thing, too.
There were no shots!  Dr. Hull did warn us to get ready for next year's checkup, though.

Here are my stats:
29.6 pounds (25% percentile)
38.5 inches (75% percentile)

And here's a little picture of Mommy's belly, in case you are interested.