Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy Monthday to Me! (Finally, Timely)

I turned 8 months old yesterday!
Here are some things you should know about me at 8 months:

I weighed 19 pounds at the doctor's office this weekend.  It was a sick visit and I had all my clothes/diaper on, so I'm probably still really in the 18 pound range.

I am a mover.  I love to crawl all over the place, pull myself up onto things, and attempt to climb onto kid-sized chairs.  Lately, I've crawling under tables and chairs to get a little "me time".

My favorite toys are balls, LeapFrog fridge magnets, my little airplane, and my Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Puppy

The puppy keeps me occupied during diaper changes.  Without it Mommy and Daddy don't stand a chance of getting me changed.
Mommy like to read books to me, but I don't have any favorites yet.  I'm happy with any book she'll let me stick in my mouth.

I love to nurse.  I'm still waking to eat at least once at night.  If I'm feeling a little under the weather, though, it'll probably be twice.

I love to eat "solid" foods.  Sweet potatoes and apples are some of my favorites. Peaches are my not-so-favorites. 
Most of my solid eating is done at school, but just this weekend I decided that I'd go ahead and start eating at home again.  I'm still on mostly purees (haven't quite mastered that raking ability yet), but Mommy's hoping that I'll transition to mostly finger foods by next month.

Sissy came up with a new nickname for me this month: Buckle.  Although, she uses a funny baby voice when she says it, so it sounds like Buck-o.

Mommy and Daddy actually started calling me by a new nickname, too: No.  Sometimes they call me No No Elliot.  They especially like to use that nickname when I'm in the middle of something really fun, like putting a cord in my mouth or pressing all the buttons on the DVD player.
I think I've already mentioned in a past monthday post that I like to give out open mouthed kisses.  Well, this month I added hugs to my affection aresenal.
I wave (flap my arm, actually) hello and goodbye.  So far, I really only like giving those waves to mommy and daddy.
My parents get really excited when I say DaDaDaDaDa.
I hear Mommy and Daddy tell other people all the time that I am the sweetest, happiest baby ever.


Erin and Chris said...

He is so cute! And I'm sure you are tired of hearing this, but he looks so much like his sissy!

Anonymous said...

He is a charmer!!!!!