Saturday, May 4, 2013

Got our runnin' shoes on.

This morning our family enjoyed our first ever 5K!  It was sponsored by Baylor Health Systems (Auntie's employer for the past 4 years and Poppy's employer for the past 2 months) and was pretty small in scope...which was really perfect for us non-runners.

Need proof that Mommy is an absolute non-runner?  Take a look at what she wore to the race!
I'm sure you won't be suprised to know that she was the only person wearing jeans.  In her defense, she does own one pair of exercise pants.  After 9.5 months of nursing, though, she has a hard time keeping them up.
Elliot spent most of the race in the arms or on the shoulders of the grownups in our clan.  He chilled in the stroller for the last leg, though. 
I spent the race alternating between walk/running and relaxing in the stroller.  When we came into view of the finish line, though, I decided to end strong with Daddy.
 We posed for a family picture once everyone else strolled through the finish line.
(You can't tell in this picture, but Aunit is 5 months pregnant!  I don't think Elliot or I have mentioned that in any of our prior infrequent posts.  Madeline Michelle is expected to make her entrance in early September!)


Brooklynn said...

So exciting!!!!!! Sept babies are lucky. They get to be the oldest ones in school :-)

Zion said...

I'm with ya! I don't own any tennis shoes at all. I have been meaning to replace the dilapidated pair I threw in the trash, but it just hasn't been a priority. : /