Monday, September 13, 2010

As if you needed another reason to give Target your money...

My Mommy is a big Target fan.

And I'm sure there are scores of other toddlers out there who can agree with the above statement.

In fact, I don't know of one single mommy out there who isn't a fan of the big red bullseye. 
Surely at least one such naysayer exists...but I haven't met her yet.

For at least the last year and a half, Target has carried a product in their Mossimo clothing line that Mommy just can't get enough of.  It's nothing fancy, but she's found it to be an indispensable part of her wardrobe.

And here it is:

See, I told you...nothing fancy. 

Mommy loves these tanks. She discovered them shortly after I was born and has found them to be a great alternative to camisoles, which always seem to be cut a little too low at the top and a little too high at the waist.  Putting one of these tanks on under a shirt means Mommy doesn't have to spend the day making sure her bra and back aren't visible.

Mommy's dresser drawer is currently housing the white, black, brown, and blue version.  Actually, that isn't completely true.  It's very rare to find all four tanks in the drawer at the same time, as one is usually on Mommy's body and one is usually in the washing machine.  Even after 18 months of regular washing, though, these tanks are still going strong!

In addition to the most basic colors, Target usually offers the tanks in a handful of seasonal shades.  They are priced at $9...which Mommy thinks is a fabulous deal for something she gets so much use out of. 

If you ever see them on sale, though, make sure you let Mommy know.  She's got plans to expand her collection.


Scott, Tanya & Austin said...

This post cracks me up!! I <3 the Target tanks too and I love the durability of them.

Mimi said...

So are they on Mommy's Christmas list?

Kelly Chambers said...

I LOVE them too!!!

Trisha said...

I have a ton of these too! Some are on clearance right now at Target on Carrier and they are $4.50 and exactly the same!