Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Break Play Date(s)

I'm pretty sure I've said this before, but one of the things Mommy and I really miss since she's gone back to work is regular playdates with our friends.  In fact, we miss those playdates so much that we made sure to pack Mommy's two week Christmas Break full of them!  Here's a peek at all of the playing we've been doing:

On the first day of Mommy's break, the two of us went over to Kelly and Cooper's house.  Kelly and Mommy taught kindergarten together for five years, then they both stayed home during the 2009-2010 school year after Cooper and I were born.  Kelly is still at home with Cooper this year, and Mommy really misses having her across the school hallway!

Then, on the morning of Christmas Eve (Mommy and Daddy do not see eye to eye on whether or not the whole day can be considered Christmas I think that description would satisfy them both), I headed out to Chick-Fil-A with Mommy and Auntie to meet our good friend, Jasmine.

(Yes, I know this one's not techincally a playdate...but Jasmine did play with me!)
Jasmine lives in the Washington, D.C. area, so we consider every chance we get to see her a real treat!

On the Sunday after Christmas I got to play with another friend I don't see much...Karsyn! 

Karsyn and her parents, Brandi and Adam, came over to our house for what was admittedly not my finest playdate hour.  Even though I was excited to see her in my home, I did not want that little cutie touching any of my toys. 

Mommy can't remember for sure, but she's fairly certain that this picture illustrates one of my carefully orchestrated move-the-toy-out-of-her-reach manuevers: 
Luckily for me, Karsyn is a good sport...she didn't even seem phased by my less than gracious hosting. 

After Sunday's playdate fail, Mommy was glad (albiet a bit nervous) that we had more Moss house playdates in the works.  She figured that it would be good for me to get in some more toy-sharing practice before my birthday party in February!  Thankfully, my sharing skills improved with each subsequent playdate.

On Tuesday, Leila came over to my house to play.  She even brought along her mommy, Michele, and auntie, Danielle.  We had a good time playing with my toys, reading books, eating snacks, and listening to my new "Wee Sing Bible Songs" CD.

The next day, Preston and Ian Ortiz came over with their mommy, Tara.  I'm pretty sure that the three of us managed to play with every single toy I own.  We are good, I tell ya'!

My playdate whirwind was brought to an end when Mommy, Auntie, and I went to visit our friends Kimberly and Camden.  Camden's family used to go to church with us (his mommy also taught at Mommy's school before he was born), but they moved almost an hour away a few years ago.  We miss them a lot...and we really enjoyed spending a couple of hours catching up with them. 
Camden is clearly a bit older than most of my playdate pals, but he sure did do a good job of entertaining me and putting up with my general toddlerness!