Thursday, January 20, 2011

Going Bonkers (again)

Last week my second cousin, Julie Page, turned a whole hand old!  I helped celebrate by joining Ju, her family, and lots of her friends at Going Bonkers on Saturday afternoon.

Mommy and Daddy didn't even get one picture of me with the birthday girl.  That's probably because she was having the time of her life "going bonkers" with all of her big girl school friends. 

Or maybe it was because I was a leeetle overwhelmed by the massive amounts of people who were trying to enjoy birthday parties or get all of the "it's been too cold to go outside all week long" energy out of their kiddos.

I did manage to find a safe haven in this red race car, though...

and an even safer haven in the arcade area upstairs.  Daddy and Mommy helped me win these tickets.  I have no idea what purpose they serve, but I sure did enjoy carrying them around!

I think you all know what I enjoyed even more than carrying tickets, though.  Cupcakes!  And Capri Sun!

Those are two tasty treats that rarely dance their way across my taste buds.  But when they do, I am one happy little girl!

And here's someone else who makes me happy.  It's my Uncle Kenny! 

I wasn't too sure about this guy for the first year of my life. Since Thanksgiving, though, I have decided that he is quite alright! 

Happy fifth birthday, Julie! 
You are a beautiful young lady and a wonderful friend. 
I am so glad that we are cousins!

(Please tell your Zsa that I am sorry for stealing this picture from her Facebook page.)