Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Streamlining the Morning Routine

Even though Mommy's job is 30 times closer to home this year, she's been seeking out ways to streamline our morning routine.  Here is one thing that she's started doing that has really helped get our mornings rolling...and thereby enabled her to sleep just a little bit longer!

Create a Clothing Plan
Each weekend, Mommy has been planning out what she and I will wear for the upcoming week.  She checks the weather forecast, looks at what we've got going on each night, then decides what the two of us will wear each day.  Once that's done, she pulls all of the clothes that we'll need to make sure that everything is clean.  Then she irons all of our outfits at one time and hangs them up together in our respective closets.  Here's a little picture of our clothes ready to go for the week.

This new habit means that all Mommy has to do in the morning (or usually the night before) is grab the "outfit of the day" and throw it on!


Penny said...

Great idea! Our mornings alway go better when clothes are laid out.

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

I got my daughter started on a similar plan and it makes the mornings so much better.

Messy Mom said...

WOW! I set things out the night before, but a week in advance is really something!