Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Best

I know, I are in shock. It's been forever since I've put together a Sunday Best post. And it's been foreverer since I posted two days in a row.

Our Sunday started out like just about any other Sunday.  Once we got to church, though, things became a little more unroutine!  By the time we left church after service, Mommy's jeans had throw up on them (from a little guy in the nursery), my head had been banged twice, and my leg had fallen victim to a painful little bug bite.

Thankfully, all of those things were easily taken care of with a little help from our washing machine, Mommy's kisses, Zyrtec, lunch, and a nice nap.

We had our own little sitcom moment in the evening when I slipped and banged my knee on the kitchen floor.  Mommy took me to the bathroom and lovingly placed a cutie Dora bandaid on that boo-boo spot.  Then, she gave me a great big hug and said, "I sure do love you."  I gave her a big squeeze right back and replied in my sweetest toddler voice, "I sure do love my bandaid."


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Love the bandaid story!

One evening, Kate got up during dinner, came around to stand between Matt and I, put a hand on each of our arms, and said "I love you." We thought it was so sweet. Then she turned to me and said, "I love Mommy," and turned to Matt and said "I love milk."

Brooklynn said...

That is too cute! Kids say the funniest things!