Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guess What?!

I'm going to be a big sister!

(Well, actually, I prefer the term 'little sister who is older'...since I'm not really big yet.)
The vast majority of the time, I am very excited about this new development.  I already enjoying talking to the baby and giving him/her hugs and kisses each night. 

Mommy and Daddy have spent the last few months covertly preparing me for this big news, which I think was a wise move on their part.  I already know that when the baby first comes out, it will only eat, sleep, cry, and pee/poop.  I also know that you have be veeeeery gentle with little babies...although I think my interpretation of the word 'gentle' may be different than Mommy's.

Our baby's due date is July 14 but, judging by how things tend to go in our family, the actual delivery date will likely be later than that. 

In just 4 weeks Mommy and Daddy will get to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl.  My thoughts are leaning towards girl, but I keep reminding myself (and anyone else who asks) that it could be a boy.  If I end up being right, though, this is probably how Daddy will feel about living in a house full of women:


Brooklynn said...

Yay yay yay!!!! That's super exciting that we are so close in due dates! They moved mine to July 18th!

I'm sure Your dad could relate if it was another girl! Lol.


Anonymous said...

You and your mommy and daddy are so cute! We are very excited too! It will be so much fun to have another precious baby around - Girl or Boy!
Love ya,
Gramma and Granpa.

Sandra said...

:) So exciting!!

The Ziebarth Family said...

So excited for you guys!!!! Praise the Lord for His beautiful miracles!!!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Congrats!! I had a hunch after your last comment on my blog. Yippee! Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy!

Kelly Chambers said...

YAY! So excited!

Erin and Chris said...

Yay! I'm so excited for y'all! July must be a popular month-I know 5 people due that month. Get ready for craziness, but it is wonderful to see the relationship between your kids!

Mimi said...

Poppi & I are so excited to have another grand baby! Whether your mommy has a sister or brother we are sure they will be as precious as you are!!