Monday, January 16, 2012

My Contributions to the Baby Name List

One of the questions Mommy and Daddy are hearing a lot lately is, "Do you already have names picked out?".  Their answer is a firm "no"! 

It took Mommy and Daddy a looooong time to agree on a name for me.  Daddy tends to turn down any name that's remotely trendy or "snobby".  Mommy has a laundry list of names that will not be used for her offspring because they conjure up nightmares of past students (her own and/or those of co-workers).  And both of my parents really want to pick names that have strong meanings to them. 

Oh yeah, there's also the little issue of needing a multisyllabic first know, since our last name is monosyllabic.

Soooo, here is my personal list of suggested baby names.  Suprisingly, the names do fit at least some of the above criteria:

1. Totty
2. Taggy
3.  Umvilical Cord (nickname Cordy)
4. The Other Katelyn

As much as I love these names, I'm getting the vibe that neither of my parents are sold on them yet.


Messy Mom said...

Congratulations. I am just getting caught up on all the news! That is awesome.