Friday, July 6, 2012

Elliot's Baby Shower

Last Saturday, two of Mommy and Daddy's friends from church (Trish and Tiff) threw a baby shower for Elliot.  When Trish and Tiff first told Mommy that they wanted to host a baby shower, Mommy couldn't believe it!  Our church doesn't really do showers for the second born, so it was a complete (but welcome) suprise.

On the way to the shower I told Mommy and Daddy, "Guys, I may be a little bit nervous at first."  That's because I'm one of those kids who takes at least a few minutes to warm up to new social settings.  Since Daddy can relate, he carried me into the shower and let me cuddle with him until I got all the nervous out.

Seeing my buddy, Grace, sure did help.  The two of us had a great time playing together.  She even gave me the "Big Sister" sticker I'm wearing on my dress.

Cake helps me warm up, too...and the one Trish and Tiff had made was suuuper cute! 

 Here's the quilt Nana Guth made for Elliot's room.  It's a Richard Scary "Busytown" pattern, and I can't wait to play with him on it! 

This is one of Mommy's favorite pictures from the shower.  These two ladies claim to be the oldest people in the church.  Mommy and Daddy aren't sure if that claim is entirely true, but they do know that they are two of the most supportive people in the church.  They have always been a major source of encouragement to Mommy and Daddy, as well as to countless others.  We sure do love them!

And here's Elliot's shower stash once we got it home.  I had my own little stash, too, as lots of people suprised me with "big sister" presents!

All those gifts got our family pretty much set for Elliot's arrival! 


Kelly Chambers said...

What a precious cake!