Sunday, August 26, 2012

Here's What's Happening

Hey, all!  We've had a busy few weeks over here in Mossland.  Here's what we've been up to:
 Mommy was a little nervous when she pulled this brown chair into Elliot's room to take his first monthday picture. I think she was worried that I'd throw a little fit when I realized it had been taken from it's usual spot in my room.  She was pleasantly suprised, though, when I told her that I thought it was a great idea for E and I to share it!
Elliot decided to grace us with this beautiful smile on his 5 week birthday.  That's a whole week before I started smiling!
Mommy turned the big 3-0 last week!  She celebrated with Zumba (her first time back), Sweet Tomatoes, and Spiral Diner (a vegan restaurant in the Bishop Arts District of Dallas).
My first day of "school" was last Monday.  I'm in the 3 year old class at a childcare center for teachers' kids that is run by the district where Mommy teaches.  The center just so happens to be in the elementary school that Mommy and Auntie attended as little girls!  Elliot will join me in two the infant class, of course.
I also started a new year of dance classes last week.  I'm super excited to learn how to tap this year!
Mommy has been working really hard to get her classroom ready for the first day of school (tomorrow).  She's technically on maternity leave until September 10...but classrooms and sub plans don't take care of themselves, you know!
If there are any teachers reading this, Mommy would highly suggest that you try not to have a baby right before school starts.  This is probably the absolute hardest time to be out of your classroom!
Elliot is one growing boy!  Whenever we are out and about with him, people always think he's about 3 months old.
At 6 weeks, he's already in size 2 diapers.  Mommy and Daddy also moved him up to the large SwaddleMe wraps this week. 
Mommy will take Elliot to the pedi tomorrow for a well baby check, so we'll know just how big he is after that appointment.
Since Mr. E is (clearly) doing a fabulous job of nursing, Mommy has gotten pretty small pretty fast.  She's able to get back into just about all of her pre-E clothes...although they certainly don't fit quite like they did 10 months ago!


Kelly Chambers said...

Ok, wow, super impressed that you are already back in your clothes. Wish I could say the same...

Brooklynn said...

You're lucky!!! I feel like it'll be forever before I am back in my old clothes! Two cuties you have Rachel!

Trisha said...

Elliot really does look like you too! At first I saw Jeremy,but he really has a face like yours! cool!