Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Most Creative Mom Around

Nope, I'm not talking about my mom.  It's actually one of her friends.
Brooke is a friend of Mommy's.  They taught at the same school for one year and paired their students up as reading buddies.  Mommy used to love taking her class into Brooke's classroom and snooping on her organizational skills.  She (Brooke) was one of those teachers who had all of the pieces to the puzzle: classroom management, top notch instruction, organization, name it, Brooke had it!
And she still does.  But this year she's getting to stay home with her 3 precious boys.  And she's channeling all of her teacher awesomeness into clever and creative activities with those boys.
So if you've got a preschool aged kiddo you may want to hop on over to and check out all of the great ideas she's posting.
Please be forewarned, though.  You will likely be both amazed (at all she is doing with her kids) and embarassed (because you feel proud of yourself for singing a few songs and slapping a sticker chart on the side of the fridge).
If you're like Mommy, though, you'll be super thankful that Brooke makes her creations available to her readers through Teachers Pay Teachers.  She also posts lots of you just may want to follow her blog!