Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Monthday to Me!

Guess who turned 3 months a week and a half ago? 
(Mommy claims that the outfit in the above picture looked much more masculine on the hanger at the store.  And, yes, it was in the boy's section.  She's promised that I'll never have to wear it again.)
Here's what you should know about me at 3 months:
I have become quite the talker.  My vocabulary consists of mostly vowel sounds, but occassionally I'll throw in a quick consonant.
I can lift my head up sooooo high when I'm playing on my belly.
The vast majority of the time, you'll only catch me crying if I'm tired or hungry.  I'll also cry if I feel like no one is paying attention to me.
My bedtime is 7:00.  I usually wake around 2 or 4 to eat, then go back to sleep until around 6:30.  I did sleep completely through the night twice this month...but then I decided it was more fun to see Mommy in the middle of the night.
I take a paci quite a bit at school, but next to never at home.
I'm still a little spitmeister if Mommy attempts to eat dairy.  She was bummed when she realized that her favorite granola cereal and English muffins both contain milk derivatives.
I like to put my hands on my head when I'm nursing or sleeping.  This also means that Mommy has to be super vigilant about clipping my nails. Because if she's not, I end up looking like a cat got to my head.
I visited my fist pumpkin patch and had my first trip to the State Fair of Texas (pre Big Tex flame up).
I've started laughing!  And my parents love it.
 Mommy and Daddy say that I am the most chillaxed baby they've ever seen!