Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trunk or Treaters

Here are the looks Elliot and I were sporting at our church's Trunk or Treat last Wednesday.  Mommy was a little sad when she realized that there was no way she'd have the time to create homemade costumes this year...but she ended up being really happy with our Amazon-purchased getups.
I got to rock the SuperGirl look.  When Mommy got me dressed for school (we wore our costumes on Wednesday...which was just the pick-me-up I needed because I'd been out sick on Monday and Tuesday), I informed her that SuperGirl does not wear a bow in her hair.
But by the time we headed out ot ToT in the evening I'd decided that SG could really use a tiara.  And a wand...but you can't see that in this picture.
Mr. E was one cute little pilot!  This picture really does a great job of showing just how happy he is in the mornings before school.
And this one shows how tired and chillaxed he is in the evenings!


Brooklynn said...

So adorable!!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

Oh wow--both their costumes are just precious. What cuties!

Messy Mom said...

They look absolutely adorable. I understand about not having anytime this year. I don't do handmade costumes, but I've always done a photo session 5 years in a row and this year it didn't happen :(