Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 in Review

Here's a little look back at our family's year.
Mommy and Daddy made the announcement that 2012 would see us become a family of four.
We celebrated my 3rd birthday with a Very Hungry Katerpillar party.
We celebrated St. Patrick's day at the Oriz boys' birthday party.  Mommy and I made Shamrock Shakes when we got home.  We did't take any pictures of them, but I did talk about them for the remaining 9 months of the year!
Dan asked Auntie to be his wife. She said yes!
Mommy's belly grew. So did my aversion to unexpected noises.
We welcomed the Texas heat with a little trip to the zoo.  Mommy tried really hard not to be jealous of Daddy's canteen.
We (meaning Daddy, Uncle Dan, and Grampa) painted Elliot's nursery...
and transitioned me into a "big girl" bed.
I also performed in my first ballet recital!
We welcomed Elliot into our family!
I struggled through the transition from only child to big sister.  And Mommy struggled through the transition of being a "mother of one" to "mother of two".
My "Obey Right Away" chart helped us both!
Mommy also turned 30,
Elliot had his first Sunday at church,
And I started "school".
 Mommy really began to feel like she had a handle on this "mother of two" thing. 
(Even though she can't figure out how to get this picture to orient correctly in Blogger!  She loves the you're just gonna have to cock your head to the right.)
Then she returned to work...and realized that "working mother of two" is an even more challenging title to bear than "mother of two".
Elliot joined me at "school", too!
Auntie and Dan tied the knot and I made my (rather loud) debut as a flower girl.
We celebrated Thanksgiving with lots of family (both the biological and handpicked kind).
I was totally into Christmas this year, so Mommy and Daddy thoroughly enjoyed celebrating the holiday with an (almost) 4 year old ball of energy and a little baby.
I suppose if I had to choose one word to describe the past year for our family it would be "transition".  Mommy and Daddy are incredibly thankful for God's strength and grace through 2012, as well as the love and advice they've received from friends and family who have walked this parenthood path before them.
We're all excited to discover what 2013 has in store for us! 


BBMoss said...

McB and SLiM say, "hi". I know Christmas 2013 will be fun with all the kiddos running around;)

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

What a wonderful recap! That caterpillar cake is amazing!! Elliot's wall looks so cool (post an "after" picture, maybe? :0) I've been wanting to do some fun accent walls.

Your sister's wedding looks like it was straight out of a magazine! (or Pinterest!)

What a beautiful year of transition. I hope 2013 is even more wonderful!

Trisha said...


Jon and Valerie said...

No kidding, Rachel! So glad it was just one tough month. Thankful we have easy going boys and our sweet girls came back!! Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

Zion said...

Oh my goodness these pictures are awesome. I especially love the one at the zoo. So cute. Happy New Year!