Saturday, February 2, 2013

Family Photos

Back in mid-December we had our first official family of four photo shoot.  The photographer was one of Mommy's friends from high school, and we were all thrilled with her work!
Mommy and Daddy were also thrilled with my cooperativeness at the shoot. 
 The last two times we've had family photos, I was on the other end of the cooperation spectrum.
This time around, though, I was more than happy to ham it up.
 And the next day (when Mommy showed me the sneek peek shots Mrs. Lisa had posted on Face Book) I cheerily exclaimed that I looked like a "beautiful princess".
And who could deny that this little guy makes one handsome prince?


Brooklynn said...

So cute!! Beautiful family you have!

Jessica Miller Kelley said...

All alone in my kitchen, I exclaimed aloud, "How gorgeous! Simply gorgeous!" Love the first pair especially. And Bug's gorgeous headband!

Kelly Chambers said...

Love these!

Jon and Valerie said...

These are great!! Such a beautiful family. Happy Birthday to your little lady!!