Monday, February 4, 2013

Happy Golden Birthday to Me!

Can you believe that I am 4 years old today!?  And it's the 4th of the that makes it my golden birthday!
Here are some things you should know about me at 4 years old:
I love to draw!  Here's a picture I drew on the first day of school this year.  It was my first attempt at drawing people.
 And here's a "quilt" I created a few weeks ago during Qq week at school.
I am full of questions. 
Some of my recent inquiries include:
How do Mommies get their babies out of their bellies? (I've been asking this question on a semi-monthly basis for the last year.  I keep hoping for a clearer answer every time I ask it.)
When we die, can our bodies not move anymore?  Can we move in heaven?
How old will I live to be?
(After learning about the Lord's Prayer) Why Jesus prayed to himself?
What if a fire is in our house when we're not home?
Can I have some candy?
Despite Mommy and Daddy's best efforts to keep me otherwise, I am a huge Disney Princess fan.
I love to have books read to me.  Berenstein Bears, Little Critter, and the Laura Numeroff's "If You Give A..." series are some of my favorites.  I'm even learning to do a little bit of reading myself. 
I like to write my name and (attempt to write) Elliot's.  I'm still not convinced that the letters have to be placed in a straight line, though...or that 'E' contains only three horizontal lines.
I am fascinated with potty words (you know: poo, pee, poop, foot, toot, bottom, booty...)!  In fact, Mommy and Daddy recently decided to ban all such words from every room but the bathroom.
Even though I've been at school for 5 months now, I still have a hard time saying goodbye to Mommy and Daddy most mornings.  
I still loathe the Happy Birthday song!
I have a great memory.  Recently I reminded Mommy of an event that occured just a few weeks before I turned one.  We hadn't spoken of said event in 3 years!
Daddy says he loves to see my creativity expressed when I play pretend, make up songs, and dress myself.
Speaking of, I've recently discovered the joy of choosing my own clothes.  Which means that Mommy now has to differentiate between "at home" outfits and "going somewhere" outfits.


BBMoss said...

Happy Birthday KK!

Brooklynn said...

Awe. Happy birthday Katie!!

I'm with you in the Disney Princess thing. I won't dress Colbi up in anything that says Princess either. Guess its apart of growing up though. Avery LOVES Tangled.