Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Clothes

Last year, I had eleven or twelve cutie Christmas outfits.  That was just enough to keep me festively dressed each day between Thanksgiving and Christmas (with washes, of course).

This year, however, Mommy learned that the selection of Christmas attire in retailer's toddler sections is not nearly as abundant as the selection in the infant section.  That's okay, though, because I still managed to acquire a decent collection of Christmas clothes. 

Here's a rundown of what I've been sporting over the past few weeks:

This little red velvet dress is my official Christmas dress this year.  A family at Mommy's old school gave it to her when she was pregnant with me.  She remembers being so touched by their thoughtfulness (she never even taught either of their daugthers), but slightly bummed that I probably wouldn't be able to wear it because it would likely be way to small on me by Christmas 2010 (it's an 18 month outfit).  Little did Mommy know that it would fit this petite toddler perfectly!

The angle on this shot isn't the greatest, but this reindeer shirt is quite cute in person. 
(Yes, I am still sucking my thumb.  This issue may be the subject of a soon-coming blog post, so I'm going to leave it at that.)

Mimi found this gingerbread outfit on the Dillard's clearance rack last year after Christmas.  She did a pretty good job of predicting my clothing size, don't you think?

I think this present pillowcase dress is probably Mommy's favorite.  It was made by one of Mimi's fellow school nurses.  My friends, Jillian and Karsyn, have this same dress too...we just didn't manage to get our pictures taken in them together.  Maybe we can give the photo shoot a shot next year (when we're wearing them as shirts)!
Even though the quality of this iPhone pic is less than stellar, there's no denying that this is one adorable little gingerbread shirt.  Personally, I prefer to refer to it as my "gingerbread man girl" shirt.

Guess what I just realized? 
Almost all of the Christmas outfits above were given to me by Mimi!  That women has great toddler taste, I tell you.

But you know who else has great toddler taste?
Who else could pull together this festive ensemble on a moment's notice?

(In case you're wondering, that's a hand-me-down Walmart brand onesie, Kid-to-Kid purchased green and white polka dot BabyLegs, and Petsmart snowflake dog sweater.)


Kristine said...

Oh my gosh that last picture is way too cute!!! And I LOVE that pillowcase dress!