Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zoo Trip (where I saw pirates)

Yesterday Auntie and I went to the Fort Worth Zoo with Danielle, Brenda, "Baby" Dallas (Brenda's nephew).

Even though this picture says otherwise, Dallas (or Downtown Dallas, as I like to call him) and I really had a great time.

I helped Dallas walk around the zoo by holding his hand and guiding him...boys need a girl's direction, you know.

 Our favorite exhibit was the penguins.  We squealed with delight when we saw those waddly guys! 
I tried to coax them over to me with pleas of "Come here, penguins.  I don't bite."...but they just couldn't figure out how to get through that glass.

While we were checking out the penguins, Auntie captured this Olan Mills circa 1985 style photo of me.  Pretty sweet, huh?

I'm sure that by now you're probably wondering where the pirates come in.  Auntie is wondering the same thing, too.  While we were eating dinner last night, Auntie and I were telling Mommy and Daddy about all of the animals we saw at the zoo.  After listing "elephants", "gorillas", "penguins", and "kangaroos" I confidently added "pirates" to the list. 

The conversation went something like this:

Auntie: What else did we see, Katelyn?

Me: Pirates.

Mommy, Daddy, or Auntie: Pirates?  Oh, did you see parrots?

Me: No, Pirates.

Auntie: No, we didn't see pirates, KK.

Me: Yes, we did.

For some reason, that last line was met with laughter from all of the grownups in my house.


Kara Noel said...

Too cute! Pirates are a big thing at our house :)