Thursday, December 23, 2010

Movin' On Up... a big girl bed, that is!

Well, actually it's just a toddler bed.  But it's still an exciting change!

Mommy and Daddy didn't plan on making this change so soon.  In the last two weeks, though, I've tried to climb out of the crib a few times when I was playing in it.  And I've asked to sleep in a big girl bed a couple of times when nap time rolled around.

I think the book below is partially responsible for my sudden interest in big girl beds.  It's called My Goodnight Book and my Great-Aunt Pat sent it to me at Thanksgiving via Nana and Papa Guth.  (Mommy had this book when she was a little girl, too, so she was thrilled to add it to my nightly bedtime routine.)

The little girl in the book sleeps in a real big girl bed.  Mommy and I talk about her bed every time we read the the idea of a BGB has been working it's way into my head over the last few weeks.

Since Mommy and Daddy didn't know how easy this transition would be for me, they figured they better give it a try on a week that neither of them have to work. Heading off to the office is really no fun when you've been up all night with a little one, you know?

Thankfully, though, my first night in my new bed went great!  It was just like any other night...except for the fact that I was laying on the floor when Mommy came to get me in the morning.  She's not quite sure when that move occured, but she knows it was sometime between 4 am (when she knows I was still in the bed because she could hear the eyes on my Elmo doll bumping up against the bed slats) and 7:45 am (when heard my "Mama, Mama" whimper and came to get me up).

I really didn't mind the floor, though!  When Mommy opened my bedroom door, I was comfortably draped over my huge stuffed bear and one of my favorite blankets with a huge smile on my face.

Ah, freedom!


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

How easy was it to convert the crib? Our crib is a convertable, but I have no idea how to make the change!

Kelly Chambers said...

Yea for Katelyn! Glad she did so well!