Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me!

I turned two years old on Friday!

The day did not look like your average birthday (although it is hard to know what an average birthday looks like when you've only had two of them), but it sure was fun. 

You see, my good friend, Karsyn, is exactly one year and one day younger than me.  Our mommies decided that they would take turns having our birthday parties on our birthday weekend so that we can still celebrate together even though we live 5 hours apart.  Karsyn got the birthday weekend this year since it was her first birthday.  I'll get it next year. Maybe*.

So, this is what my birthday looked like: woke up in a hotel, spent the late morning traveling in my carseat, arrived at my family's destination 19 hours later than I should have (thank you trecherous, icy roads), promptly vomitted from carsickness (thanks again, icy roads), spent the afternoon playing with a good friend who lives 5 hours away, opened some presents, and ended the day by spending the night in the beautiful home of a stranger. 

Nope, not your normal birthday.  But still a whole lot of fun.

Unfortunately, my Mommy forgot to pack the camera for this exciting birthday filled weekend.  So, until we can get copies of Karsyn's grandparents pictures, the only proof of my birthday fun is right here:

Riding Karsyn's trike.

Posing with the '2' shirt Mimi sent for me to open on my birthday.

Opening presents. 

Even though we were in Lubbock to celebrate Karsyn's first birthday, "Aunt" Brandi was super thoughtful and set aside some official birthday time for me...complete with yummy pink strawberry cupcakes!  That meant a lot to my family.

*The birthday-weekend-trade-off plan our mommies made now has a wonderful kink in it because my new baby cousin, Sarah Leanne, was born the day before my birthday!  I'll make a separate post for that little cutie later.