Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday(s) Best

I've kind of fallen off the Sunday Best Bandwagon, so here's a mash up of the past two Sundays.

Don't you think breakfast always tastes better with a balloon?  I do...

especially if you can figure out a way to make the balloon part of your breakfast fare!

I'll bet you can't find me in this picture! 
The leapord print dress I wore to church last week sure did keep me well camoflauged.

Last Sunday night, Lighthouse held its annual Missions Banquet.  Missions is a huge part of the life of our church, so this is one of our biggest nights of the year. 

We support 50 missionaries/missions ministries around the globe, and each of those has a table dedicated to it at our banquet.  This year, Mommy and Daddy's young adult ministry hosted four different tables. 

Daddy's table was for 2 of the brand new church plants we are supporting.  Daddy planned this set up all on his own!

Auntie hosted a table for one of our missionaries in Northern Asia.

Every year, there are a handful of missionaries that are actually able to join us in person for this big event.  This year, my family was super happy to have Karsyn's grandparents with us. 
They have been missionaries to Mongolia for the past 14 years.
Mommy and Daddy's good friends, Mel and Jillian, are slightly newer faces to missions.  They, along with their two kiddos, will be leaving for northern Asia this summer. 
Although their feet have yet to touch ground in the country God has called them to, their hearts have long been there!

Here's a shot of the whole shabang...minus the youth and kids' rooms.