Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Works Every Time

Most of you know that two year olds can be big fans of negativity.  As in the "No!  I don't want to!" variety.

Since this negativity has become a frequent little pastime of mine, my mommy has been working to figure out a way around it. 

I think she's succeeded.

This is the direction conversations go in our home several times each day:

Mommy: We're going to have broccoli for dinner.
Me (in a crying voice): No!  I don't want to eat broccoli.
Mommy: Oh? Well, Mommy is going to eat broccoli.
Me: Yes, I want broccoli!

Mommy: It's time to get ready for bed.
Me: No!  I want to play with my doctor kit.
Mommy: Well, Mommy's going to get ready for bed soon.
Me (as I run towards my room): I need to put my jammies on. 

I think that woman's got me figured out!


gramma said...

Too cute! Your mommy is a great role model, Katelyn and I hope you follow her example all your life.

wife and boys said...

Wow! That was easy!!

Me: "Preston, please take some bites of your chicken."
P: "No, I don't want to eat my chicken."
Me: "I'm eating chicken, Daddy's eating chicken, Ian is eating chicken."
P: "Will you eat my chicken too?"

With food, we have to use a "one-bite, one-bite" strategy. Meat, strawberry, meat, strawberry, etc.

'Becca said...

Your mommy is on to something! Thanks for the reminder, since this still works on my 6-year-old pretty often. A variation is just to show that I've heard what he said: "Oh, you don't feel like eating broccoli," in a neutral tone.

I think the magic lies in not arguing. When it's not an argument, it's easier to be calm. Then you see that you have a choice between going along with what your favorite people are doing anyway, or not.

Your mommy might be interested in this article on offering choices.