Monday, April 11, 2011

Dino-roar Party!

A few weeks ago, my family made the long trek (all 3 minutes of it) to the Ortiz home to help my good buds, Ian and Preston, celebrate their birthdays.

"Aunt" Tara did a great job of dino-fying their house. 

Mommy tried and tried to get a good shot of this fun dino banner, but this was the best she could get.  It really doesn't do it justice, though.

These creatures were part of the goody bag treats! 
(Now that I think of it, though, I haven't seen the one I brought home in quite a while. Hmm, I have a sneaky suspcision that Mommy snuck that thing off to school.)

Tia Diana, the boys' aunt, made these adorable dino cakes for them.  I love it that they each had their own cake! 

There was also a great assortment of cupcakes.

 Gotta love the iPhone in "Uncle" Oscar's hand!

When present opening time came around, Preston and Ian were the most polite openers you have ever seen.  They did a great job of looking for and thanking the giver of each and every gift.

Ian really stole the show, though, when he modeled his new aviators for 5 serious minutes.

 Ian may have loved those glasses, but everyone else loved the bounce house that the boys got for their birthday.  This thing fits perfectly inside of the front room of their house.

Now that's a kid gift that keeps on giving!