Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hill Country Visit

At the beginning of the month, Mommy took a day off of work so that our little family could spend the weekend with our extended family in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We had such a great time while we were there!

I got to help give my new baby cousin, C-Wa , a bath.

Mommy thinks she is quite possibly the most easy going infant on the planet.

We celebrated my cousin McB's 2nd birthday.

Didn't his mommy do a great job on this construction cake?

I spent lots of time playing in McB's sandbox. I even tried to convince Mommy to let me take my dress off so that I could experience it's wonderful grittiness all over.

She said no.

McB and I dyed eggs with Gramma and Grampa.

And I spent lots of time getting as close to C-Wa as the adults would allow.

I just love that baby!

I also threw a fit or two...

but Gramma knew that letting me sit next to C-Wa would calm me right down!

We sure do love our Hill Country family. It's too bad we don't live closer to them.

And, for nostalgia's sake, here's a picture of my first Hill Country visit almost exactly two years ago.


BBMoss said...

We had so much fun. Wish ya'll lived closer. Happy Easter!

Messy Mom said...

We were out that way last week. It's a beautiful area.