Saturday, June 9, 2012

Auntie's Awesome Wedding Website

Uncle Dan (Auntie's fiance) just finished creating a website for their upcoming nuptials.

Mommy's favorite portion of the site is "Our Story" because she thinks they have a great one!

And here's a random piece of wedding trivia for you.

That's Mommy's dress for the wedding (except the color will be eggplant).  Auntie picked out several different, yet complementary, styles and let her bridesmaids choose which one they wanted.  She and Mommy both thought this dress would probably work well with what (they think) will be Mommy's post-baby body.

We should be looking for my flower girl dress soon.  Auntie did see one that she really liked at the salon where her gown and bridesmaid dresses were purchased.  The $100+ price tag on it, however, made it a no-go!


Kelly Chambers said...

What a cute website! Love the dress too!