Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Countdown to Elliot

With Elliot's estimated due date being just a little over 2 weeks away, our house is a mini-flurry of baby prepping activity! 

I guess the ball got rolling at the beginning of the month when Mommy and Daddy set me up in my real big girl bed.  This is the bed Auntie slept in while she lived with us, Mommy slept in as a little girl and teenager, and Mimi slept in as a little girl and teenager!  It's been good to all the girls on the Pierce side of the family, and now it's my turn to give it a whirl.

My crib/toddler bed was moved to Elliot's room that day with (suprisingly) few protests from me.  

A week or two later Daddy, Uncle Dan, and Grampa tackled the big job of painting Elliot's room and my room.  Here's a picture of Elliot's room while the painting was still in progress.

Mommy hasn't gotten around to taking a picture of the finished paint product...but that's probably because the paint is about the only thing in E's room that's finished!  Hopefully that will be rectified soon and I'll have some more pictures to share with you.

The walls in my room got a face lift, too.

It is suuuuper bright in there now!  Mommy and Daddy are planning to tone the brightness down a bit with the wall art, curtains, and other "stuff" that we use to decorate.  That's all a big work in progress, though, since they're planning to take their time finding just the right things to place in there.

In addition to working in our rooms, Mommy and Daddy have been getting ready for Mr. E by completing their childbirth classes, hiring a doula, setting up a simple and flexible birthplan, and finishing up their books on natural birth (well, that last one's really been just Mommy).

At Mommy's OB appointment last week she found out that her body has made some progress toward Elliot's arrival.  She was dilated to (almost) a 2, 50% effaced, and Elliot was at Station 2.  All those stats were music to Mommy's ears...especially because she never made it that far with me until lots of drugs were pushed into her system.

Mommy goes to the OB again tomorrow afternoon, and she's hoping to hear some more good news!


Jessica Miller Kelley said...

LOVE the paint jobs! You'll have to post pics of the completed rooms with accessories and all!

I hope you continue to progress so that E's birth is easy. (I'm rooting for a July 4 birth--it's a fun birthday to have!) I'll be thinking of you!

Brooklynn said...

Yay!! He may make an appearance early!! I like his room too! I'll be watching Facebook and the blog for updates! :)

BTW, I'm going to get that DVD! Sounds like a good thing!

Kelly Chambers said...

Can't wait to see the finished rooms! So glad you are progressing in your own. You are almost there!

Messy Mom said...

Wow, I am just getting caught up on all this. I love the name Elliot. We are having a boy too and even though I haven't announced it on my blog his name is Ezra (gotta love the E names). The nursery looks so awesome, you should post pictures when it is all ready!