Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby Bookworms

Yesterday afternoon, Mommy and I met up with Cooper and Kelly for a little Baby Bookworm time.  Cooper's listening skills really put me to shame.  He was so intent on each story the librarian read.  I, on the other hand, was more inclined to roam around the auditiorium, try to drink other kids sippy cups, and say "no" to Mommy.

Thankfully, the other BB participants didn't seem to mind too much.  They understand that toddlers need to explore.  Here are a few pictures of my exciting explorations.

These shaker eggs were a new treat!  I had never seen them at BB before, but I sure did love them right away.  Do you think Daddy will let me play them on the worship team?

Ribbon streamers are fun!
(For about 5 seconds)

Magic Bear was my favorite BB (re)discovery this week.  He provided the perfect pre-nap cuddle spot.

Mommy had a sad moment last night when she realized I will be too old for Baby Bookworms in just three months.  Time sure does fly when you're having fun!


Brooklynn said...

aw, they do grow up quickly! Maybe then it will be time for another little one who could attend. ;)

Michele Cannon said...

At what point did you start taking Katelyn to baby bookworms? It looks like so much fun, but I'm afraid Leila's still too young for things like that. Are there any little babies that come?

Rachel Moss said...

Brooke- I wish! It doesn't look that way, though.

Michele- I didn't start taking Katelyn until August, but that's because I didn't know about it before then. I've never seen a baby as young as Leila there, but I think you could take her to something like this now. It would give you a chance to interact with other moms, and Leila wouldn't be any problem.