Thursday, April 8, 2010


Our church is in the midst of a project we've titled "Legacy". One of the main components of Legacy is the construction of a Recreation Room, Living Room, and Worship Room for the use of our student ministry. We are really excited that our students will soon have a place they can hang out and worship without constant interruptions!

On Wednesday, Mommy and I joined Daddy for a Legacy Lunch at church. We heard testimonies of how God has transformed the lives of young people who have recently joined our student ministry, took a tour of our soon-to-be Student Center, and listened to an update on where the project is from a financial perspective.
Some of our students created temporary artwork on the walls of the future worship center.
As our church family has been focusing on the legacy we want to leave for future generations, Mommy has been contemplating the legacy my biological family has left for me.
My Great Grandma and Grandpa Moss raised four boys and one girl in the ways of the Lord.
Gramma's parents, the Eplers, were church planters in Kentucky (at least Daddy thinks that's the right state) and missionaries in Columbia and Hawaii.

Great Nana and Papa Guth (Mimi's parents) have faithfully served the Lord since they were very young.

Poppy's parents, Great Nana and Papa Pierce, were missionaries to the country of Senegal. This is a picture of a well Papa Pierce dug for a village they served.
My great grandparents have all left (or are still leaving) a powerful legacy for me and my cousins. I am so grateful for the strong foundation of faith they have laid, and am excited that my family has the opportunity to leave a legacy of faith for students we aren't even related to!


Anonymous said...

Wow, neat tribute to your grandparents. You do have a rich heritage in the Lord.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oops - you great-grandparents I meant. Your Great-great grandparents (Gr.Grandma Epler's parents) also pioneered and pastored a church in Corcoran, California for over 25years. Some day we will all be together in Heaven! What a family reunion that will be!!!!